Liability Note: The sample below has been prepared by a lawyer ( according to the typical requirements of an online store. However, you should only use the sample after careful examination and adaptation to your specific business model. Therefore, the following sample contains additional notes that you need to pay attention to and red passages that you need to particularly check and adapt if necessary. Please remove the notes after editing. If in doubt, seek legal advice. Copyright: You may use the sample within the domain/website as long as your Marketpress license also applies to it. Passing on to third parties, even to customers (e.g. as a developer) is not allowed.

DemoShop e.K.,
Inhaber: Max Muster Demostraße 1
12345 Demostadt

Management: Max Muster
Sole proprietors may only refer to themselves as owners, not as managing directors. In the case of companies, e.g. GbR/OHG/UG/GmbH, the managing directors or managing partners must be named, e.g. in the case of a GmbH “Managing Director: Max Mustermann” or in the case of a GbR “Partners: Max Mustermann, Peter Müller”].

Telephone number: 0123456789
Fax number: 0123456789 [Note: The fax number is optional].
E-mail address: name @

Register court & Register number: Local court Demostadt: HR 12345
[This information is necessary if you are registered in the commercial/company register or similar].

Sales tax identification number: DE 189 278 309
[This information is necessary if you have been assigned a VAT number].

Responsible for content: Max Muster, address as above.
[This information is necessary if you run a blog to the store].

Platform of the European Commission for online dispute resolution (OS) for consumers: We are not willing and not obliged to participate in a dispute resolution procedure before a consumer arbitration board.

[Note: Information on the disclaimer, such as link liability, is not necessary].