Sustainability is an ongoing process for us at IVI collection, without which we cannot imagine the future of the fashion industry. Out of responsibility towards people and nature, it is therefore an indispensable concern for us to produce sustainably.

We manufacture our collections in close cooperation with experienced and selected producers in China, Portugal and Turkey.

The fulfillment of high production standards as well as the compliance with ethical working conditions are very important to us. All production partners must have extensive audits and certifications such as “BSCI” (the amfori Business Social Compliance Initiative).


We use the diversity of nature for our collections

We attach great importance to manufacturing our goods from natural fibers. We mainly use silk, cotton, linen, lyocell and viscose fibers. Using materials that are made from renewable raw materials is enormously important to us. These are high quality products with a long life and, unlike man-made fibers, are biodegradable. Only for the comfort of some of our garments we also use spandex in small quantities (about 3%).

It is self-explaining for us to manufacture our products where the raw material has its origin. We want to avoid unnecessary transport routes and use existing know-how.

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Since 2010 are working with two companies in China.
There is a close relationship with these partners, as they have supported us from the beginning and also realized smaller orders for us in the beginning.
The factories are located in Jiaxing and Hangzhou, about 100km from Shanghai.
Especially silk is sewn here, because this precious material is very demanding in processing and requires experienced handling during production. The factories feel great responsibility towards their employees and set themselves high standards regarding social standards and working conditions on their own initiative. They regularly have audits carried out by the organization “amfori BSCI” and we are particularly proud that the certification level B and C was achieved. One of the farms is run by a very experienced lady who has a passion for plants. Behind the farm there is a large garden, which is also available to the employees. Here also grows a mulberry tree – the symbol of silk.


Some of our goods are also sewn in Portugal. There we work with a GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified production facility that manufactures our high quality garments. In addition, the garments made at this facility are OEKO-TEX® certified, so raw fabrics, finished fabrics and accessory materials are tested for harmful substances at all stages of processing.
These tests take into account the purpose and the more intense the skin contact of a product, the stricter the human ecological requirements that must be met.


Our high-quality knitwear is produced in a GOTS certified production facility in Turkey. Again, all processing stages are tested for harmful substances to ensure the high quality of our goods. Since sustainable production is very close to our hearts, we make sure that all of our production facilities are certified as much as possible.


Another production facility for us is located in Poland. The company employs around 50 people and manufactures in Warsaw as well as in Lodz. Here, our high-quality fabrics are processed, which we source mostly from Europe.Also here-as in the entire production chain- we attach importance to high standards.



We are constantly looking for ways to reduce plastic along our value chain. Our protective garment sleeves are finished with an eco-friendly BDP technology that enables biodegradability. The switch to flat delivery also eliminates the need to repackage goods in Germany. This enables us to save 50% of plastic.


For the transport routes from the production sites to our customers, we deliberately avoid the use of deep-sea shiffs and transport our items mainly by train to reduce CO2 pollution. The train route runs from China via Eurasia to Germany. It follows in large parts the well-known “Silk Road”, which has connected the continents for centuries.

For shipping our products to our customers, we also choose the climate-friendly option of CO2 neutralization from our shipping partners. This means that for every ton of CO2 generated during transport, a neutralization project is supported elsewhere.